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Our company helps marketers, call centers, and other organizations that use an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS) to avoid and defend against abusive Telephone Consumer Protection Act litigation.

Over the decades since its enactment, the TCPA has morphed from a well-intentioned consumer protection statute into a virtual litigation industry. Any company that uses an ATDS now faces TCPA liability, and thousands of attorneys and ordinary consumers have taken advantage of the law.  As a result, TCPA litigation has increased by a staggering 1,273% since 2010, and class action attorneys have made millions from suing large corporations for minor technical violations that cause no actual harm.

And contrary to the headlines, large companies are far from the only victims.  Over 95% of the thousands of TCPA lawsuits filed every year are aimed at small to medium sized businesses, many of which cannot afford the ruinous costs of defending against them. Faced with imminent closure, these companies have no choice but to pay outrageous settlements, or to shut their doors.

The Blacklist Alliance was founded by a small group of marketing professionals and attorneys who spent years fighting against abusive TCPA lawsuits.

 In a ironic twist, a law intended to protect consumers from abusive telemarketing companies now helps class action attorneys and consumers abuse any company that attempts to contact them using an ATDS.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce the risk and minimize the impact of abusive TCPA litigation, and provide our members with the tools they need to maintain compliance and profitability in a highly regulated environment.

Reducing the Risk:  Risk reduction is delivered in two ways: (1) Through our  Litigation Firewall, comprised of a dynamic database populated with the numbers of thousands of professional TCPA plaintiffs and attorneys; and (2) robust online compliance training and legal resources offered through our Blacklist Academy compliance platform.  Working in symmetry, these dynamic solutions make dialing safe for a better night’s sleep. 

Minimizing the Impact:  If you’re served or even threatened with a lawsuit, our solution includes Prepaid Attorney Services and representation to alleviate the financial burden of defending yourself.

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