Protect Yourself With a Litigation Firewall

Our comprehensive compliance and risk management solution dramatically reduces the risk and expense of TCPA lawsuits, increases efficiency, and enhances compliance.

Protect yourself from professional plaintiffs, class action attorneys, and regulators.

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The TCPA has given birth to a multi-million dollar litigation industry, in which attorneys and professional plaintiffs reap enormous profits by forcing advertisers and publishers to pay outrageous settlements or risk a crippling judgment. Corporate officers and owners can be held personally liable for TCPA damages. You run the risk of a TCPA lawsuit with every call or text you send. Protect yourself with our Litigation Firewall®. 

Professional Plaintiffs

Professional plaintiffs are in the business of suing for profit, and are always looking for the next score.

Class Action Lawyers

Class action lawyers are getting rich extorting outrageous settlements from well-meaning businesses.

Regulatory Agencies

Federal and state regulators are aggressively pursuing TCPA violators and collecting huge fines.

Our Solution

Our company was founded by experienced marketing attorneys and industry professionals, who together created a robust and remarkably effective solution that offers bullet-proof security against predatory litigation, along with a unique online compliance training platform that empowers your employees and sets a new standard in quality.

Our proprietary suite of high-performance applications features a robust Litigation Firewall® that reduces the risk and expense of TCPA litigation, dedicated legal support, online compliance training, and sophisticated tools that increase efficiency and enhance compliance.

Our Services

Litigation Firewall

Seamlessly scrub plaintiff and attorney numbers from your outbound campaigns and inbound calls.

Litigation Monitoring

If you’re ever threatened or served with a lawsuit, you’ll know about it in a matter of hours and have a team of legal professionals at your disposal.

Prepaid Legal

Take advantage of a range of prepaid legal services specifically structured for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates.

Legal Support

Direct access to a dedicated team of legal professionals who understand the TCPA and your business.

Compliance Training

An online training platform designed to you with the training and resources required to ensure compliant operations.

Compliance Support

Detailed compliance audits and customized employee training help reduce risk and enhance efficiency.

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