Protect Your Company With a TCPA Litigation Firewall®.

Bullet-proof security against predatory litigation and comprehensive compliance training to ensure trouble free marketing campaigns.

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Marketing is an intensely regulated activity fraught with legal pitfalls for companies engaged in telemarketing or SMS text marketing. Navigate them confidently with our comprehensive marketing compliance and risk management solution, featuring a robust TCPA Litigation Firewall® that reduces the risk and expense of TCPA litigation, dedicated legal support, compliance resources training, and sophisticated tools that increase efficiency and enhance compliance.

TCPA Litigation Protection | The Blacklist Alliance
TCPA Litigation Protection | The Blacklist Alliance

prevent regulatory enforcement actions

Federal and state regulators eagerly pursue companies that violate  regulations restricting telemarketing and SMS text marketing, and often impose outrageous fines and penalties for honest mistakes that could have been avoided with proper training.  If your marketing strategies include telemarketing, SMS text marketing, ringless voicemails, email marketing, or any other traditional or digital marketing method, we offer unique and engaging online regulatory compliance training and resources that reduce fines, penalties, and the risk of enforcement actions.

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