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Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, any company that uses an autodialing system risks a lawsuit with every call and text.  In fact, the TCPA has become a multi-million dollar litigation industry, in which attorneys and professional plaintiffs reap enormous profits by forcing well-meaning companies to pay outrageous settlements or risk a crippling judgment. Worse still, corporate officers and directors can be held personally liable for damages in TCPA suits, which can lead to millions of dollars in personal exposure, which may not even be dischargeable in bankruptcy!

Founded by experienced attorneys and call center industry professionals, the Blacklist Alliance offers marketers, call centers, and debt collectors a comprehensive marketing compliance solution, featuring a robust Litigation Firewall™ that reduces the risk and expense of TCPA litigation, dedicated legal support, and sophisticated tools that increase efficiency and enhance compliance.

Protect Your Company From

Professional Plaintiffs

Professional plaintiffs are in the business of filing abusive TCPA lawsuits for profit, and will stop at nothing to trick companies into contacting them.

Class Action Lawyers

Class action lawyers are getting rich extorting outrageous settlements from well-meaning businesses.

Regulatory Enforcement

The FTC, the FCC, and state Attorneys General are more aggressive than ever in seeking out TCPA violators and collecting fines.

Our Solution.Sophisticated tools to reduce risk, minimize cost, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance.

Skip Tracing

Our members have access to on-demand, comprehensive skip tracing services to help track down correct-party contact information, associates, business data,  and assets.  

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Regulatory Compliance

We offer a range of compliance services, including audits, customized compliance policy documents and employee training to help you reduce risk and enhance efficiency.

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Litigation Firewall

Use our robust API to seamlessly scrub predatory plaintiff and attorney numbers from your outbound campaigns and inbound calls, or adjust your suppression settings to fit your individual requirements and appetite for risk.

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Monitoring and Support

We monitor court filings 24×7, so if you’re ever threatened or served with a lawsuit or regulatory enforcement action, you’ll know about it in a matter of hours and have a team of legal professionals at your disposal.

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Prepaid Attorney Services

What’s the next best thing to TCPA insurance? A suite of prepaid legal services tailor-made for marketers, debt collectors, and other companies that rely on automated dialing technology.

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Data Services

Our suite of advanced data suppression and validation tools help ensure compliance and enhance efficiency.

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