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Robust TCPA Compliance Solutions for Contact Centers

Protect your operations with compliance training and real-time risk mitigation

The Blacklist Alliance assists contact centers to navigate the complex requirements of the TCPA and its attendant regulations, and provides ongoing protection against the risks of TCPA litigation. Regardless of the type of calls you place or texts you send, our effective, comprehensive solution helps ensure compliant operations and mitigates the risk of costly TCPA lawsuits, along with FCC, FTC, and state Attorney General enforcement actions.

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Comprehensive risk management solutions for VoIP Carriers

Compatible with leading API-based carriers like Twilio, Plivo, Vonage, and Ring Central.

The Blacklist Alliance understands VoIP carriers and the unique challenges they face in navigating complex FCC regulations, and the importance of mitigating the risk of bad actors leveraging VoIP networks. Our dedicated carrier product works with any API-based carrier, including industry leaders like Twilio, Plivo, Vonage, and RingCentral, and helps ensure compliant operations while mitigating the risk of FCC, FTC, and state Attorney General enforcement actions.

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Essential TCPA Compliance for Insurance Companies

Mitigate litigation risks and avoid costly settlements with our advanced solutions

Insurance brokers, agents, and the carriers they represent all rely on the phone to interact with customers, and therefore face the highest risk of TCPA litigation. Insurance companies are the all-time favorite target of TCPA litigators, and many have  been bled dry by costly class action settlements in recent years. The Blacklist Alliance offers a highly effective solution to insurance providers that substantially reduces the risk of TCPA litigation, and helps their agents comply with TCPA regulations.

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Comprehensive TCPA Compliance for Digital Marketers

Protect your business from litigation risks with our advanced compliance solutions.

Digital marketers, including mortgage companies, personal loan companies, home services, solar, and HVAC, are prime targets for TCPA litigation. Any company that markets products or services and uses SMS or phone calls to reach customers or prospects faces significant litigation risks and are also the frequent targets of state and federal regulators. The Blacklist Alliance provides comprehensive solutions to mitigate these risks and protect your business.

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AI and Automation: Navigating TCPA Compliance in the New Era

Protect your business from regulatory and litigation risks with advanced compliance solutions

Although AI and automation are rapidly transforming the contact center industry, this only compounds the risk of TCPA violations, thanks to the February 2024 FCC Declaratory Ruling that officially decreed AI-generated voices to be "artificial"as that term is used in the TCPA. This places AI-voiced calls in the same category as robocalls, for which the law imposes a signficantly higher regulatory burden. The Blacklist Alliance provides its members with the essential tools and guidance needed to navigate this complex landscape and mitigate financial and regulatory risks.

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