Data Optimization

Access high-level data, including carrier, wireless/landline, ported status, etc.

High Level Data

Whether you place telemarketing calls or engage consumers via SMS text, our API can help you maximize ROI by delivering high-level data, which enables you to scrub out wireless numbers for landline campaigns and landline numbers for wireless campaigns. You can fine-tune your data even further by accessing carrier name, line type, ported status, and other data elements.

DNC Scrubbing

Our system will report and/or suppress numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, along with select state-specific DNC lists.

The Number Evaluation Engine

Our Number Evaluation Engine (NEE) is a proprietary tool used to evaluate the status of an outbound caller ID, and helps determine whether a number is being blocked at the carrier level or by call blocking apps. If the NEE delivers a positive result, chances are that carriers are blocking calls attached to that number, or calls are not being answered because they are displayed as "Spam Likely." .