Litigation Firewall

The Blacklist Alliance Litigation Firewall offers clients robust API integration features to scrub high risk data in real time.

Analyze, Identify, Eliminate, Repeat

Our in-house team of specially trained researchers analyze every TCPA lawsuit to identify high-risk data to be added to our Litigation Firewall® system.  Use our API to scrub against the Litigation Firewall to eliminate high-risk data from outbound and inbound campaigns or use our system to manually inoculate data files, instantly.  Litigation Firewall scrub stats are available by day, month, or in real time to appreciate all of the potential legal nightmares you avoided.

Adjustable Protection

Our data is segregated into multiple feeds based on its numerical AvR (accuracy vs. risk)score.  A high AvR score indicates the data represents a higher litigation risk. You can adjust your suppression settings by checking or unchecking a feed, based on your appetite for risk.

Government and Internal DNC

In addition to scrubbing against our internally sourced data, the Litigation Firewall can also scrub against your internal DNC, as well as the National DNC Registry and select state-specific DNC registries.