• Scrub up to 500,000 numbers against the Litigation Firewall and/or governmental Do-Not-Call Registries (additional scrubs billed at $.005/per)
  • Litigation monitoring and alerts
  • Four attorney consultations per month
  • One prepaid settlement or compliance audit per year (View Legal Services Addendum)
  • 300 Number Evaluation Engine queries per month (overage billed at $.01/per)
  • Ten seats (logins) to the Blacklist Academy compliance training and legal resource platform.



subscriptions include

The Blacklist Alliance | TCPA Firewall

lawsuit protection

Our Litigation Firewall® offers unparalleled protection against TCPA lawsuits.

The Blacklist Alliance | Compliance Support

compliance training

Compliance audits, customized policy documents, and online training.

The Blacklist Alliance | Compliance Training

data optimization

Access high-level data, including carrier, wireless/landline, ported status, etc.