Prepaid Attorney Services

The Next Best Thing to Insurance

All it takes is a single call or text to trigger a TCPA lawsuit, and the threat is now worse than ever.  Whether you win, lose, or settle, a TCPA claim can cost thousands to resolve, and insurance coverage is nearly impossible to obtain.  To help fill that gap, we’ve assembled the following services to help reduce the risk of an unexpected TCPA expense.

Services are provided by independent licensed attorneys. The Blacklist Alliance is not a law firm, and does not offer legal advice.   Coverage limitations and additional terms and conditions apply.  Services not available in all states.

What's IncludedCoverage limits vary with subscription level

Lawsuit Settlements

Attorney representation for negotiating the settlement of pre litigation demands and pro-se lawsuits.

Legal Consultations

Discuss the TCPA and any other matter affecting your business within the attorney’s area of practice. 

Compliance Reviews

Attorney review of scripts, campaigns, policies, or websites to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Settlement Service Questions

Claims covered by this service include TCPA prelitigation demands (written threats of legal action submitted by individual consumers or attorneys prior to filing a lawsuit in court), and pro-se lawsuits (lawsuits filed in State or Federal court by an individual Plaintiff who is not represented an attorney.

You set the maximum amount you are willing to pay to settle the case, and the attorney will  attempt to settle it for an amount less than or equal to the Max Amount.  If the Plaintiff is unwilling to accept the Max Amount, you may increase the offer at your discretion.   If the Plaintiff is unwilling to accept the increased Max Amount (and you are unwilling to raise it), the attorney will have no further obligation to continue settlement discussions on your behalf.

You are responsible for paying the agreed upon settlement amount.

If the Plaintiff is does not accept your final settlement offer and files a lawsuit, you have the option of retaining the attorney who attempted to settle for a reduced hourly rate.  We can also refer you to another member of attorney network. 

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