Compliance Support

How well is your company complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Truth in Caller ID Act, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the Mail Order Rule, and the countless other state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations that apply to marketing companies and call centers?  The answer to that question is critical, because violations can not only devastate your business, but can lead to the forfeiture of your personal assets.   We understand compliance, and offer a range of services designed to ensure your business steers clear of regulatory pitfalls. 

Compliance Services

Compliance Audits

Our compliance audit service includes a thorough analysis of your business to quantify the risks you face, and a frank assessment of your existing policies and procedures to determine whether those risks are properly addressed.   A compliance audit will help correct what you’re doing wrong, identify what you’re doing right, improve inefficiencies, and reduce costs.

Compliance Policies

We create customized compliance policy and procedure guidelines, manuals, and other documents specifically tailored for your business.  These documents are a critical component to any compliance program, and help ensure everyone in your company, from entry level employees to upper level management, are familiar with their legal obligations and the penalties of non-compliance.

Compliance Training

The failure to properly train employees on compliance matters can trigger violations that lead to significant loss of revenue.  We offer efficient and engaging online and in-person agent and management compliance training to ensure your staff understands and appreciates their role in maintaining your company’s legal standing and reputation, and stay abreast of key changes in the law that affect your business.

The Blacklist Academy

The Blacklist Academy is a unique marketing law compliance training platform designed from the ground up to provide Blacklist Alliance members with the employee training and legal resources they need to ensure compliant operations.   Included with membership, the Blacklist Academy offers robust, online  employee compliance training that can help member companies reduce fines, penalties, and the risk of regulatory enforcement.  Learn More…

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