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Increase Answer Rates and Protect Your Company's Reputation with NumberVerifier

The Blacklist Alliance is proud to announce the official launch of our new Number Verifier System

The Blacklist Alliance is proud to announce the official launch of our new Number Verifier System, which is now available for all Alliance members troubled by declining answer rates due to outbound Caller IDs wrongly tagged as spam.   

As many companies are coming to realize, an astonishing percentage of legitimate outbound calls are wrongly tagged as "Spam" or "Scam Likely" by aggressive carrier algorithms designed to identify illegal robocalls. 

Few if any consumers are likely to answer such calls; in fact, only 1-2% of calls marked "Spam" or "Scam Likely" are answered. While the inability to reach a customer through no fault of your own is bad enough, a negative "Scam Likely" or "Potential Fraud" tag arbitrarily assigned to a call can seriously damage your company's reputation. Acting under the assumption that the "Scam Likely" tag is accurate, consumers who answer such calls often do so they can identify the caller and report them to the FTC or state Attorney General. NumberVerifier eliminates that risk and helps your calls get answered.

What is NumberVerifier?

To ensure your calls aren't chasing away customers, it is critically important to know exactly how your numbers are perceived by carriers and consumers at any given moment.  And that’s just what NumberVerifier does. 

NumberVerifier is a robust, highly sophisticated, user-friendly Caller ID management system designed from the ground up to enable users to view exactly how their outbound calls are perceived by carrier algorithms based on carrier and mobile device type.  NumberVerifier makes it easy to:

  • Identify Tainted Numbers:  Quickly identify outbound Caller IDs wrongly tagged as spam by carrier algorithms and dramatically increase answer rates and ROI.
  • Maintain Number Hygiene:  Actively manage all Caller IDs in real time.  Remove, add, or rehabilitate numbers as needed without extra fees or subscriptions.
  • Monitor Numbers 24/7:  Receive alerts when a number gets flagged so you can immediately remove it from circulation.  
  • Stop Burning Leads:  Increase deliverability, secure your reputation, and boost conversions quickly and cost-effectively with an efficient, intuitive interface.

How is it Different Than the Number Evaluation Engine?

Our Number Evaluation Engine simply checks whether a Caller ID has been reported to the FTC or marked as spam by a call blocking app. If so, the number may have been tagged as spam by carrier algorithms, but this is only a rough estimate.  

In contrast, NumberVerifier provides a definitive glimpse into how a number is perceived by a particular carrier based on mobile device OS. NumberVerifier also checks numbers on a regular ongoing basis in accordance to a schedule set by you, as a number that shows clean today may be tagged Scam Likely tomorrow.

Is NumberVerifier Included With my Subscription?

NumberVerifier is a separate service that requires the purchase of usage credits that are not included with your Blacklist Alliance subscription. However, the flexible, credit-based system means you only pay for what you use, with no subscription required. Better still, all Alliance members are entitled to a free initial load of up to 1,000 numbers.

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