Litigation Monitoring

Don't Let Your Next Call Become Your Next Lawsuit.

Protect yourself now!

We constantly monitor court filings throughout the country.  If a case is ever filed against your company, you’ll know about it within hours, and will have access to a dedicated team of legal professionals to help you understand the matter and how to address it. 

Why is Litigation Monitoring Important?

It’s been said that being forewarned is being forearmed, and that’s especially true in the realm of TCPA litigation, where a standard plaintiff tactic is to file a lawsuit and start conducting discovery before serving you with a Summons and Complaint.  This tactic enables the plaintiff to gather additional evidence by serving subpoenas on telecommunications carriers, banks, and other third parties without your knowledge.

Case StudyHow our legal support services saved a member thousands of dollars

Don't Let Your Next Call Become Your Next Lawsuit

Start protecting yourself now!